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alpharetta studio opening September 2022

our newest location in alpharetta is scheduled to open in september, 2022. it will be our largest studio, totalling 3500 square feet, with two seprate practice spaces, a fully equipped pilates studio with space for groups of up to 5, and a barre and yoga room with ample space for 12-15 per class.

join our alpharetta waitlist in order to get early access to membership discounts, VIP access to our grand opening celebration, and to stay up to date with our opening plans and announcements. 

alpharetta class schedule

Book a class with us at our Alpharetta Studio. Hint: If you don't see a schedule below, you may need to log out of a WellnessLiving account you have set up with another business, then refresh this page.

classes start september, 2022.

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