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pilates, yoga + barre

mindful movement. community. well-being.

welcome to endeavor

pilates, yoga + barre studios 
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Endeavor Yoga and Pilates Teacher assisting a member in yoga class.
Endeavor Yoga and Pilates Founder Katie Karel talking with a member.

our focus is on you

Small Group Classes

We offer small group pilates, yoga and barre classes where you can get the attention and expertise you deserve.

Supportive Community

Our supportive and inclusive community will help you stay committed to your practice.

First Pilates Session Free

Meet with an EYP Teacher for a Free Private Pilates session before joining our equipment Pilates classes.

we focus on meeting your needs

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We endeavor to help you improve your health, happiness, and well-being through pilates, yoga + barre.

first pilates session free

Meet Your Teacher

Your experienced EYP Teacher will work with you to determine a class plan that will best suit your needs, schedule, and goals.

Get to Know the Community

Experience our caring community without a commitment.

Better Support

The more we know about you, the better we can meet your needs.

Front door of Endeavor Yoga and Pilates in Duluth, Georgia

simple, clean studios

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With over 90 weekly class options and access to both of our studios, you can prioritize your practice and your well-being.

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