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EYP is a unique workplace. We combine a supportive, stable work environment with the joy and effectiveness of working with small groups of people.

there is a place for you at eyp

EYP Pilates Teacher

We hire Pilates Teachers who care deeply about their work and who are always exploring new ways to help their clients on their wellness journey. We value this mindset rather than whether you are classically or contemporary trained. We prioritize small group classes, and we focus on teaching authentic pilates methodology grounded on firm foundations.

EYP Yoga Teacher

We look for Yoga Teachers who blend anatomy and movement knowledge with a traditional yogic perspective. We welcome all teachers who value putting the students' needs first. Our yoga classes allow up to 12 participants per class, allowing you to fully engage with each of your students.

EYP Barre Teacher

We seek Barre Teachers who are energetic, fun, and focus on ensuring the clients are safe and moving well. Form and technique first, burn and the shakes second! Our small barre class sizes ensure you can build solid relationships with your students.

paid onboarding and training

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We believe in welcoming new teachers to our community through a fully paid onboarding and training process. We ensure it is as easy as possible to be successful at EYP.

joining our team

Our Commitment to Our Teachers

At EYP, we believe that every teacher plays a vital role in our team. That's why we invest significant time, energy, and resources towards the professional growth of our employees. Unlike other studios that hire independent contractors, we hire all of our teachers as employees. This enables us to offer valuable feedback, mentorship, and a range of professional development opportunities to help our teaching teams flourish. This also allows us to compensate our employees fairly.

Investing in Our Teaching Team for Exceptional Service

Our commitment to providing quality service to our members is reflected in our investment in our teaching team's knowledge, resources, and training. As an EYP Teacher, we value your hard work and dedication. Therefore, we will compensate you for every onboarding, training, and continuing education hour you participate in through our EYP Teacher Workshops and EYP Teacher Mentorship program.

Free Studio Membership

We offer all employees a free EYP Membership, regardless of the number of classes taught. This valuable benefit enhances your knowledge of other class types, helps establish connections with fellow teachers, and encourages a sense of belonging in the EYP community.

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