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Endeavor Yoga and Pilates Teachers standing with employees of  Mosaic Georiga at a community service event.

eyp in the community

making positive changes in our community

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eyp community programs

We commit to living our values, both in and out of the studios. As a result, Endeavor Yoga + Pilates works to engage in our local community by bringing the benefits of our services out of the studios and through our community programs. 

Workplace + Offsite Classes

Our Workplace + Offsite Classes Program offers wellness solutions to local companies, organizations, and other groups.

EYP Gives Back

Our EYP Gives Back Program leverages our in-studio community to help others in the community.

Community Service

Our Community Service Program partners with nonprofits and charitable organizations to bring our healing practices to those who may be underserved.

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Are you interested in partnering with Endeavor Yoga + Pilates to increase the health and happiness of members of your workplace, community, organization, or group?
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