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meet the endeavor yoga + pilates team

The Endeavor Yoga + Pilates Teaching Team is comprised of highly qualified yoga, barre and Pilates teachers, each with their own distinct style and energy level. The EYP Client Support Team is focused entirely on empowering you to make the most of your time in our studio and to support you in meeting your goals. From the moment you contact us, to your one hundredth class, the Endeavor Yoga + Pilates Team promises to engage, enhance, and empower your practice.


Owner, Private and Group Yoga and Pilates Teacher, Lead Teacher Trainer

katie karel

Katie is the founder of Endeavor Yoga + Pilates. She is a E-RYT500, Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RYPT), YACEP, and a Certified Pilates Instructor on all apparatus and mat through Peak Pilates. She is a Lead Trainer for the EYP Yoga and Barre Teacher Training Programs. Her teaching approach in her group classes focuses on combining creative and functional movements to promote balance, strength, and mobility, and increase overall well-being. Her background is in finance and economics, and she is the mom of 4.


Studio Coordinator

julie recalde

For more than a decade, Julie worked corporate jobs in Marketing, Sales, Administration and Project Management. In 2015, she took a break from full-time work to focus on her family and yoga. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2016 and began teaching at Endeavor Yoga + Pilates right after graduation. Starting in 2021, Julie has combined her love of yoga and business experience to support Endeavor Yoga + Pilates's growth. Teaching yoga classes allows Julie to share a healthy, peaceful lifestyle with students. As the Studio Coordinator, she loves supporting employees so students can still experience a healthy lifestyle in a comfortable and nurturing environment. 

Fabiola de Souza Maurissens

Lead Pilates Teacher

fabiola de souza maurissens

Fabiola was born in Brazil where she received her BS in Physiotherapy in 2010. She discovered in Pilates a new passion when started her education with STOTT PILATES®️ in 2016. Fabi has spent time in her career working with a variety of different clients in Atlanta area. She loves to use her background and creativity to promote wellness to her clients and at the same time giving them a dynamic class that focuses on all aspects of body conditioning. She is mom of a sweet little boy and a rescue dog.

Staff Pics for Website (16).png

Lead Pilates Teacher

paola franchi

Our Lead Pilates Teacher, Paola, moved to Georgia from Chile in 2014; by then, she had already served as a Physical Educator in schools and colleges, a Pilates instructor, and a gymnastic coach in a German Club in her country.


As a gymnast with the Chilean National Team since the age of 16, and years of experience in sports and fitness, she realized it was essential to find a way to help her gymnasts to get stronger to avoid injuries. That was when one of her friends from college (2001) – a Master trainer at Stott Pilates – told Paola about this Pilates school – and asked to get certified through her and train in her studio.


After years of training Paola decided to open her own Pilates Studio in Santiago, Chile. As part of this journey, she decided to travel to California to gain certification in BASI Pilates and specialized in Pathologies and injuries.


Paola also holds a Master’s in Psychology for infants and youth and concentrates in the 65 and older population, certified in TRX suspension training Group, TRX personal trainer, TRX camp, TRX sports and medicine, and TRX RIP trainer.


She has been working in the USA since 2015 in a physical therapy center, helping patients to get back muscular balance and functionality, as well as postpartum clients – and of course working in different studios and gyms teaching Pilates.


In her own words, she says, “Teaching is my passion, hobby, and life, and Pilates is for me a non-stop teaching-learning cycle. I love to educate the movement and through the movement!”


She is bilingual, teaching in Spanish and English; expect upbeat, engaging classes!

brooke padilla.png

Lead Mat Teacher

brooke padilla

"I love transformation. I love digging deeper and deeper to find the truth. This is why I love yoga. I love that it gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. I love that there is no magic fix or perfect diagram, we learn by making mistakes, by falling on our face-literally and figuratively- and that’s the path to the truth. To find one’s own truth, we must be honest with ourselves and feel uncomfortable about it."

Brooke's yoga journey isn't the typical story. She started with the meditation and philosophy first. She didn't think the physical practice would challenge her, and she wanted to be challenged. It wasn't until she was living in Italy and a friend dragged her to a class that she experienced the physical practice and fell in love with it. She knew after that first class that it was something she had always wanted and needed. Not just because she did feel challenged but because she felt so at ease in her body, and the breathing, that is still to this day her favorite part.

She was reluctant to teach yoga. It was her teacher that talked her into attending her first training. She could see something in Brooke that Brooke didn't yet know was there, as she now knows that teaching is exactly what she's meant to do. She love sharing everything that yoga has to offer to anyone who desires it and she can't imagine doing anything else.

Brooke is an RYT 500, YACEP, Reiki Master, and Sound Healer.

She completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Suryalila, Spain, with Vidya Jacqueline Heisel of Frog Lotus Yoga International; her Reiki Master training with Lisa Powers; her 500-hour YTT in Kundalini Yoga with Yoga Farm Ithaca, and a Master Sound Healer Training with Simone Vitale.

Copy of Carolyn Giresi .png

Pilates Teacher

carolyn giresi

An encouraging and enthusiastic fitness instructor for over ten years, Carolyn holds a national group fitness certification with AFAA teaching cardio, aqua and senior fitness. She also holds therapeutic exercise and personal trainer certifications with ACE. Carolyn's chiropractor advised her to take Pilates in 2020 to improve a back injury. She was instantly hooked after feeling the benefits with her first class, and promptly completed her Balanced Body Pilates certification. She is passionate about promoting wellness and cheerfulness through movement. Carolyn formerly studied Oriental Dance with a dance troupe and has done both group and solo performances. When not teaching, Carolyn enjoys volunteering at an animal sanctuary and hiking in the Georgia mountains.


Pilates Teacher

elyse clark

Elyse Clark comes to EYP with a degree in Music Education and Performing Arts from Kennesaw State University.  In her “First Act”, Elyse jumped into facilitating Corporate Management training and development for multiple retail corporations spanning a two decade career. 

In 2018, Elyse stepped away from the corporate training world and returned to her first passion of teaching movement and fitness in a small group and private setting. She holds Level I and II Comprehensive Certifications in Classical Pilates from Peak Pilates. 

In addition to teaching Pilates, Elyse is also a full-time Homeschool Mom and performs with the First Redeemer Choir and Orchestra. 


Barre Teacher

heather sansbury

Heather began taking barre class at EYP in 2019 and was immediately hooked. She quickly got certified and loves teaching and continuing to learn and grow.  She has always had a passion for fitness and has a background in the medical field. She loves Duluth and really enjoys meeting and empowering others in her community to feel stronger and healthier. Heather also enjoys creating and has her own business designing and making essential oil diffuser jewelry. She spends much of her time creating and sewing costumes for her kids on-going theatre performances, which she loves. Aside from that, her greatest passion is being a fully engaged mama to her 2 incredible teenagers Otis and Ruby and her joyful, fun-loving 8 year old Esmé, and enjoying life with her sweet husband James dreaming up various adventures, doing remodeling projects, boating, camping and eating yummy food.


Yoga Teacher

jen fernandez

Jen has been an athlete for most of her life with a background in gymnastics, martial arts and strength training. A constant battle with knee issues led her to explore new health options. It has been over 15 years since she took her first Yoga class and fell in love with it. She views Yoga as more than just exercise, it is a holistic practice for the mind, body and soul.


Jen’s class style is fun, upbeat, and creative with focus on proper alignment, breathwork and meditation. She completed her RYT-200 training through Endeavor Yoga & Pilates in 2021 and is registered with Yoga Alliance.


Pilates Teacher

kristen rubino

Kristen relocated to Georgia with her husband and daughter after a 24-year career as a performer with Universal Orlando. Her years of working in theme parks enabled her to perform in stunt shows while rappelling from the ceiling and sword fighting demons on stage. This took a toll on her body and she decided to focus primarily on acting to give her body a rest. While packing up the home in Florida in 2017,  Kristen pursued a pilates certification in the Balanced Body method under the guidance of Patricia Welters with Suncoast Pilates and continued her education with the Classical method with Joel Crosby at Vitality Method in Duluth, GA. While completing both modalities, Kristen saw a drastic change in how she looked and felt and knew this fitness journey was a happy accident. Kristen has been teaching for 4-years in Buford, where she resides, as well as for Endeavor Yoga + Pi. When she's not helping her clients, you can find Kristen chasing after her very active daughter, Willow, or on your television screen. Her recent claim to fame was booking the role of the Guidance Counselor on the reboot of The Wonder Years on abc. 

Laura Mackenzie

Barre + Yoga Teacher

laura mackenzie

Laura, who goes by “MacKenzie” was born in Canada but raised in Georgia. Traveling to Canada since she was born fueled a love for international travel, visiting 15 countries over the years. Her passion for travel led to a career in hospitality for an international hotel company as a special events manager planning weddings, celebrations and conventions. It’s no wonder that she wants to serve others and help them achieve their goals. She wants you to feel your absolute best, healthy and loving life. MacKenzie’s love of group fitness classes led her to pursue the Barre teacher certification at Endeavor Yoga + Pilates. In 2021, she completed the EYP Yoga Teacher Training Program under Katie Karel and Dani Roycroft. She’s a mama of two energetic little boys, a German Shepherd and three cats. 

lilian - Brooke Padilla.jpg

Yoga Teacher

lilian leone

I discovered Yoga in 2006. At that time my health was not good and I was looking for a more meaningful life. My first yoga class was Bikram Yoga which I practiced for about 3 years every single day, and very quickly, the daily practice became an important part of my life. In 2009 I tried Ashtanga Yoga for the first time and it was a case of love at the first Sun Salutation. In 2013 I took my 200-hour yoga teacher training and earned my RYT-200 credential. From that moment on I never stop studying and learning more about Ashtanga, anatomy, movement, mobility and the mental benefits of yoga. I’ve trained with leading yoga, anatomy, and philosophy teachers including David William, David Robinson, Taylor Hunt, Tymi Howard Bender, and Kino MacGregor. For me Yoga is about the balance between strength and flexibility, exertion, and release. My classes combine both strength and mobility work in an Ashtanga Vinyasa style. Expect to move, sweat, and breathe. I am a dynamic and also very compassionate teacher with a true regard for my students’ healing. I love to encourage self-empowerment and self–awareness in them. I hope to meet you on the mat soon! Namaste


Yoga Teacher

lyndsay oxley

Lyndsay completed the EYP Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2021, after practicing at EYP for over a year. She is also a server at Good Word Brewing and a teacher at Radloff Middle School. In her free time, she likes to draw, write, be outdoors, and to rollerblade. She can't wait to join you on your journey to self love and achieving your mind-body-spirit connection. :) 

Megan Tames

Barre + Pilates Teacher

megan tames

Megan Tames; raised in Waukesha, Wisconsin, began dancing at the early age of three. She attended Valdosta State University and received her BFA in Dance. After college she started attending Barre and Pilates classes, and immediately fell in love with the fitness industry. Megan now teaches, ages three to adult, in all dance and fitness genres. She also dances professionally with Room to Move Dance in Sandy Springs, and is a tour competition judge for ANDC Dance Machine/Boogie Fever. She is a Certified Barre Instructor through IBBFA, and Mat Pilates Instructor with Power Pilates. She is currently a part of the EYP Apprenticeship program training. She is very excited to be a part of the Endeavor Yoga + Pilates family.


Yoga Teacher

melissa delynn

Melissa is a mystic, writer, women’s coach and movement teacher. Her yoga classes weave philosophy and spirituality into a deeply somatic and physical practice. She has been teaching for 10 years and uses a number of disciplines, approaches and advanced training to create a safe and sacred space for any and everyone to transform, heal and grow. From retreats and workshops to public classes and private sessions, Melissa loves teaching in an adaptive and intuitive way. Expect great playlists, creative sequencing, laughter, learning, and a lot of hips openers! 


Yoga Teacher, Yoga for Seniors/Chair Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, Mat Pilates Teacher

patty osborn

Patty received her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification in 2016 at John's Creek Yoga, and completed her 300 Hour Yoga teacher Certification in 2021 from the Asheville Yoga Center. She also completed her Basic Mat Pilates Certification from Peak Pilates in 2021. She was raised on the plains of South Dakota: Simple lines and endless sky and stars. She became a Graphic Artist. She received a BA in Visual Communications from the University of Minnesota and an MFA from CalArts in Visual Arts and Communications. Within the creative process, yoga was always interwoven, to help with creativity, clarity, focusing, anxiety, problem solving, testing the limits, and finding the edge. Throughout her graduate studies, she practiced with an Iyengar trained dance student/yoga instructor from India. Patty has practiced yoga for many years and has become passionate about its benefits. It has helped her in so many ways: connecting the mind and the body, being present in the here and now, not worrying about the “what ifs”, the anxieties that can take over so easily, learning to breathe, not hyperventilate. Patty is an avid cyclist and finds yoga is the Yin to cycling's Yang. She is grateful for so many things her in her life, yoga being one! Patty wants to give back to others, so they too can benefit from having yoga in their lives. Patty is married to her high school love, has two lovely grown boys, who were raised in the sunshine and sandy beaches of San Diego, CA. She and her husband relocated to Georgia in 2012.


Yoga Teacher

rita bailey

Rita began her yoga journey over 20 years ago in the tiny hot yoga studio in Boca Raton, Florida.  At first, yoga class was a lunch time escape from her job’s cubicle jail and a quick workout. After a while, she began to see a major change in her overall physical, spiritual and mental well-being. The Yoga “seed” was firmly planted, and inspired her to further her yoga experience. She wanted to learn all that she could about this amazing practice, and immersed herself in as many classes as possible. With years and more self awareness, hot yoga was no longer working for her and she started practicing Ashtanga style.When she later moved to Georgia, she found her yoga home in an Ashtanga studio next to her office. After taking a sabbatical from her IT carrier that left her feeling burnt out and anxious, she realized the healing impact that yoga was having on her life and wanted to share it with others.

With the support and encouragement of family and friends, Rita decided it was finally time to take the next step. She completed her RYT200 teaching certification through Asheville Yoga Center. “Yoga guides me and inspires me. It makes me want to be a better person and encourages me to help others. I am thrilled beyond words to be teaching and spreading the joy and happiness of yoga to my students!” 

Endeavor Logo (3).png

Barre Teacher

stephanie triphahn

Stephanie began her Barre venture during the year of 2020. As businesses began to slowly open after the Covid lockdown, Stephanie decided to pursue her Barre practice with Endeavor Yoga + Pilates. Quickly after starting, Stephanie fell in love with the feeling that Barre embodies: Strength. It was then Stephanie knew she was hooked. Since then, Stephanie has continued to pursue her Barre passion by earning a Barre Teaching Certificattion through the EYP Barre Teacher Training Program under the direction of Katie Karel and Dani Roycroft.

When Stephanie is not teaching or working on her own Barre practice, Stephanie participates in other activities such as kayaking, spending time with her husband and 3 dogs, and teaching her 2nd grade Resource Class. Stephanie loves to create fun adventures for others to participate in by creating a fun-loving, positive experience. This is something you will quickly see within her teachings. Stephanie loves making others feel positive and accepted to begin their own Barre journey.

Tita Lovell

Yoga Teacher

tita lovell

Tita started her yoga journey in high school where she attended classes alongside her mother at a local gym, but it was after a devastating foot injury in 2013 that she found a true passion and joy in deepening her yoga practice.  Tita has a strong background in movement, participating in the colorguard activity for over 20 years as a performer, instructor, and clinician.  Her colorguard career provided her the spark to enjoy a life of intentional movement, and she loves to explore the space around her with curiosity and incorporates elements of dance within all of her classes.  Tita earned her 200 hour yoga teaching certification at Endeavor Yoga + Pilates in 2021 under the direction of Katie Karel & Dani Roycroft.  When Tita is away from the studio, she enjoys her career as a high school science teacher, continuing to share her passion of movement in the colorguard activity, reading fantasy/sci-fi novels, painting, spending time with her husband and 2 children in the great outdoors, and learning how to be a better mother and person every day.


Studio Assistant

carla franchi

My name is Carla Franchi, a social worker by profession from Andrés Bello University, Chile. I spent some years in the operations area of a kindergarten chain in my country, which helped me develop my administrative skills and, what I like the most, helping people when they have some difficulties. Sometime later, my sister (Paola Franchi, our lead Pilates teacher) invited me to join her project in Chile, that was working and start a Pilates studio with her!! Which was a very enriching experience to see how people through this discipline achieve a feeling of physical and mental well-being.

A couple years later, my husband was transferred to the United States for his job. This gave me the opportunity to work as a movie extra, which helped me break the language barrier and start daring to speak English!

Working at Endeavor Yoga + Pilates has given me the great opportunity to continue improving my professional skills and communication, together with the experience of being in contact with people.

In my free time I like to run and be in contact with nature, which is consistent with the activities that I developed in my adolescence in which I practiced sports such as athletics and artistic gymnastics.

work with us


We are always interested in meeting individuals who may have something to offer to our clients. If you have a background in yoga, pilates, barre, or a related field and live in Duluth or the surrounding area, please reach out to us! Please include your full resume, teaching experience, availability and a short statement regarding your teaching philosophy. 

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