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Core Values of the Endeavor Yoga and Pilates Community are posted on the wall at our Duluth, Georgia studio.

eyp core values

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Every interaction, every class, and every decision in our studio community is guided and influenced by these values. We share them loudly and proudly and ask that everyone who enters our community abide by them as well.

be kind

Do no harm. Always take the action that is right for others, without inflicting harm on yourself, or your EYP Studio community.

be honest

Be straightforward and honest in every interaction you have in the EYP Studio community.

be generous

Practice generosity in your words and actions towards yourself and others at all times.

be respectful

Treat others the way you want to be treated in every interaction you have in our studios. Treat our shared equipment like it belongs to you. Be on time to classes and sessions.

be present

Be fully present in your body, mind and soul while you are in the studio. Allow your time in the studio to be focused on the here and now.

be balanced

Balance is an journey, not a destination. Balance your practice and your work with your other endeavors.

be accepting

Meet others where they are and be accepting of who they are. Accept yourself where you are today.

be committed

We are committed to helping you in every way possible on your endeavors, so commit to your practice, to your experience at our studio, and to each other.

be curious

Take time to study your body, your movements, and your progress. Remember where you have been, study where you are, and work towards where you want to be.

be opportunity focused

Focus on seeking opportunities for growth and development, applying what you have learned to your future endeavors.

new to eyp?

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Meet with an EYP Teacher for a free yoga or pilates session before joining the studio.
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