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why eyp teacher training?

at eyp, our number one focus is offering the highest quality possible yoga, barre and pilates classes so that our clients have the opportunity to achieve their highest possible outcomes. with that in mind, we have a uniquie approach to teacher training: We view teacher training as an investment in our high quality standards, rather than an additional revenue source like other studios. 

we choose and design our programs so that we feel confident in hiring our successful graduates, and continue investing in them with ongoing paid training, mentorship, and support. and because we have such high standards for our graduates, they are able to find employment elsewhere as well.

what this means for our graduates

as a graduate of an eyp teacher training program, you can expect: 

  • small training class sizes, allowing you to maximize your investment in the program

  • access to the EYP Mentorship Program after completion

  • opportunity to work for EYP upon completion of your program

  • continued career development, training, and support as an employee of eyp

eyp teacher training programs



EYP is proud to parnter with BASI Pilates as a BASI Pilates Host Studio. We've found that our members love their approach, and we believe their teacher training programs are a great foundation for lifelong learning.



We have re-imagined Yoga Teacher Training: Our EYP comprehensive program is designed from day one to carefully blend the traditional practice and a contemporary perspective, and our goal is to hire our graduates. 



Our Barre Teacher training will give you a thorough introduction to barre techniques, anatomy and movement principles, and how to teach a fun and effective workout.

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