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Endeavor offers a wide range of mat classes, each with its own distinct style and objectives.

Our Mat Classes

Gentle Flow Yoga

Open your body and mind through a combination of slow, steady flowing movement and stillness. You will access deep benefits of the poses while focusing on meditative movement. This is an all-levels class suitable for beginners or if you crave a simple, feel-good experience.

Restorative Yoga

This class incorporates elements of gentle and restorative practices, allowing you to mindfully release tension and create space in your body and mind for a rejuvenating energy that will help you recharge and find rest. This is an all-levels class ideal for relieving stress and regulating your nervous system.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is a yoga practice comprised of a consistent and vigorous series of postures done in a specific order. Your focus will be on energy and your breath. While it is a very physical practice, it also promotes mental clarity and inner peace. You will flow through the primary series sequence, learning the proper alignment, modifications for poses, and correct breathing techniques. This class is a moderate to intermediate level class and is not suitable if you are pregnant or have any recent injuries.

Flow Yoga

Deepen your practice by challenging your mind and body in this creatively crafted Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. In Vinyasa Flow, you will flow through your practice using one breath per movement. While there is often a physical challenge to the class, you will focus on deep breathing and mindfulness above all else. Yoga is not a work out, but a work in! This is a moderate-level class that is most suitable if you have some yoga experience.

Gentle Stretch Yoga

A gentle yet effective class, designed to target the deep tissues of your body and promote easier movement in your joints. Guided breathing will lead you to a deeper sense of mind-body connection. Perfect for when you need a slower, more meditative practice. This is an all-levels class suitable for beginners and is ideal for finding balance and regulating the nervous system.


Our signature barre class will strengthen and tone your whole body from head to toe in a low impact yet challenging way. Set to music with a fun beat, barre takes the best parts of yoga, Pilates, and ballet; combining them into an effective workout that leaves you feeling longer, leaner and happier.

Power Yoga

This traditional power yoga class is a fast paced vinyasa flow class designed to move your whole body, increase strength and flexibility, and challenge you mentally and physically.

Deep Stretch + Release Yoga

This yoga class will allow you to enjoy a slow and deep stretch designed to target the deeper tissues of your body. Props will be used for trigger point massage and myofascial release, including foam rollers, massage balls, and firm blocks. Guided breathing will lead you to a deeper sense of mind-body connection as you ease into the release of deep tension.

Mat Pilates Flow + Stretch

Combine the strengthening and stabilizing aspects of mat Pilates with the benefits of deep stretching from yoga.

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Mat Pilates

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