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high quality, authentic pilates classes carefully designed to meet your individual needs in a group setting

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pilates classes at eyp

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Learn to use pilates to find balance, strength, and well-being.

pilates just for you

Not Just a Workout

Pilates is more than a workout - it is a powerful tool to help you feel better when taught with intention. In our small group classes, you will learn how to use the equipment in a way that meets your personal needs.

Build on Solid Foundations

You will learn body awareness, healthy alignment and movement patterns, and then build strength and endurance on a solid foundation. 

Progress in Your Practice

Our Pilates Program requires that you meet certain benchmarks before moving to the next level. You will always be learning something new!

learn about our classes

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Endeavor Yoga + Pilates offers high quality pilates classes with knowledgeable teachers in a comfortable and nurturing environment.

our pilates program

To begin Pilates classes at EYP, you will first attend a Free Pilates Intro Session. You must be an EYP Member to attend Pilates classes at our studios. To best support our EYP Members, our Pilates classes are not open to drop-ins.

Learn the Basics

All New EYP Members, regardless of their experience, must attend a minimum of 3-6 Reformer Basics classes. Your EYP Teachers will let you know when you are ready to join our Group Pilates Classes.

Reformer Basics

Required for all New EYP Members. Learn the basic principles of Pilates in our Reformer Basics class. Focus on correct positioning and alignment, and get your Pilates journey off to a strong and balanced start! Minimum 3-6 Reformer Basics classes required prior to joining our Reformer Flow classes.

Pilates Class Descriptions

These classes are open to EYP Members after completing a minimum of 3-6 Reformer Basics Classes.

Reformer Flow

Reformer Pilates class, designed to teach and practice beginner exercises and basic Pilates concepts. Expect to learn new exercises as you master the fundamentals of Pilates, and progress your practice as you learn the correct technique. Our intention in Reformer Flow is to teach you the correct execution of the beginner exercises while progressing your practice. Modifications and adjustments will be offered.

Tower Flow

Deepen your Pilates practice in this Pilates equipment class taught using the Pilates wall towers. Build more core strength and stability, improve your posture, and refine your movement patterns. At least 10 Reformer Flow Classes required prior to joining Tower Flow.

Reformer Cardio Flow

This class utilizes the jumpboard to keep your heartrate elevated helping you to burn more calories during your reformer workout. The jumpboard allows you to experience an aerobic exercise without stressing your joints. Leave feeling energized and ready for whatever is next!

Progression Classes

These classes are only open to EYP Members with approval from an EYP Lead Teacher after several months of consistent practice.

Intro to Intermediate Pilates

EYP Lead Teacher approval required. Intro to Intermediate Pilates is designed for those interested in progressing their Pilates practice. This is NOT a "stronger workout". This class is specifically designed to prepare you for intermediate Pilates repertoire. Expect to build on the basics mastered in our Reformer Flow, Tower Flow, and Reformer Cardio Flow classes.

Intermediate Pilates

EYP Lead Teacher approval required. An intermediate class, introducing intermediate Pilates exercises using the reformer, tower and other equipment. Lead Teacher permission is required to join our Intermediate Pilates class, as the class is faster paced and requires that you can execute beginner and early intermediate level Pilates exercises without assistance on all of the equipment, while demonstrating the ability to keep the fundamental principles of alignment. Progressions and modifications will be offered.

Intermediate-Advanced Pilates

EYP Lead Teacher approval required. This is a high-level intermediate Pilates class, where intermediate and advanced exercises on the reformer, tower and other equipment will be introduced through progression. Expect to utilize all the Pilates principles of Breathing, Centering, Concentration, Control, Flow, and Precision throughout the class.


private sessions

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customized private sessions

Why Private Sessions

Private sessions give you and your Pilates Teacher the opportunity to focus only on your individual needs.

New Private Clients

We offer a New Private Client Package which includes four (4) private sessions for $200.

How to Start

Register for a Free Private Pilates Intro Session to determine if Private Sessions are best for you.

new to eyp?

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Meet with an EYP Teacher in a private or small group setting before joining the studio.

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