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prenatal yoga

prenatal yoga

We truly believe in prenatal yoga. Hundreds of women in our area have taken our prenatal yoga classes throughout their first, second, third (and more) babies, and will testify that it made a significant positive impact on their body, mind, and souls during their pregnancies. Our classes are based in functional movements, integrated into the yoga practice with the purpose of helping moms-to-be have a more meaningful connection to their baby and their body during pregnancy, to assist and prepare for labor and delivery, and to cultivate a community where every mom is welcome, that is judgement free, and is a refuge for each woman during this sacred journey into motherhood.

prenatal yoga: 4 week series

This series focuses on yoga for pregnancy, birth, and the first few postpartum weeks. Open to expectant moms from conception to birth. Our prenatal classes are lead by our Certified Prenatal Yoga Teachers.

Our Group Mat Classes
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